Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whole-Grain Bun in the Oven

I've always thought pregnant women who were too tired to meet up after work/go to a movie/do anything productive were very, very lame.  I stand by that, but I'm the lamest of them all.  JG and I created a little hybrid or ourselves and I've been coming home from work, eating whatever JG feeds me, and going straight to bed ever since. [Lucky for me, JG makes tasty grub.]  I haven't been doing much cooking and the idea of getting up early enough before work or staying awake after dinner long enough to write a little blog post was just too daunting...  What can I say?  I was lame...

... and I started perking up, but then it was christmas, then there were a couple deaths in the family and now, finally, I am back.  If you've given up on me, I totally understand, but I also have two different types of wholly original wild rice cookie recipes ready to bake off in honor of my grandmother. [She was a big fan.  She also taught me the joys of foraging for jam.]  I'm also making a pecan version of the bankets to share with relatives at the memorial this weekend.  They should be tasty, too.

and I've gotten much, much better at making my own corn tortillas from scratch... using a couple common kitchen items to press them out.  So, if you're checking in, stick around.  I'm just getting started -- again.

[that text-less post with the pie?  It's a silken tofu & sweet potato concoction, that I threw into the autopost so I'd remember to find my vaguely written recipe before turkey day... and then forgot all about. -- so, so lame.]