Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Watch what you eat.

A friendly reminder: Whole/stone ground/steel-cut grains and cereal meals do not keep indefinitely. They contain the germ which contains oils and they can oxidize and go rancid if left around too long in a warm environment like a kitchen. Either buy only as much as you'll use in a couple months, or keep it in the freezer.

Also: Cardboard containers like those for pasta and oatmeal are not airtight...
I almost got a little extra protein in my oatmeal this morning. I stopped to pour myself a cup of coffee and noticed that there was a lot of chaff rising to the top... and that the chaff had legs.

[I think it's a tiny weevil; that thing in the left corner is a rolled oat. Yes, I know steel-cut oats are better for you.]

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  1. Oatmeal has always made me wary due to all the variety of dots -- you have validated my suspicions!