Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Garden in the Sky!

I had a nice big garden in Texas.  Here in Yankee Land, I have a fire escape.  Since I don't have enough space to plant real crops, I focused on a meal-enhancement garden -- herbs and sandwich fixings, plus a couple of squash and cucumber plants that seem ready to get unruly.  I'm rather excited.

I've planted totem tomatoes, cayenne pepper, butter bibb lettuce, aroooogula, everbearing strawberries, zucchini, cucumber, chocolate mint, English thyme, Genovese basil, Mexican oregano, epazote, Cuban oregano, variegated sage, upright rosemary, Greek oregano, Thai cilantro, lemon verbena, French tarragon, burnet, and a couple nasturtium varietals. 
I wanted French sorrel, but I couldn't find any at the garden store around the corner... and I'm kind of out of space since JG requested I keep the fire escape fire escape-able.


  1. aroooogula + fire escape-able = you kill me, every time. Sounds awesome! I should do the same.

  2. Do it! Window boxes with water reservoirs make a big difference. The plants would be much less happy if they had to depend on my haphazard watering.