Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ta Da!

Et Voila! The kitchen has almost no cupboards or counter space and the horsehair plaster doesn't take to wall anchors so well, so we picked up some steel rods, eye bolts, and a few dozen S-hooks from the hardware store and staggered them over the studs. We also got a roofing company to make a copper countertop to protect the old sideboard so it can be useable worksurface... it's technically an upside down "shower pan."

We also got an industrial shelf for our gadgets and flour cannisters that just fit between the fridge and pantry closet. Each shelf can hold up to 300 lbs, so if somehow there's a flood that rises all the way to our 3rd story attic apartment, JG and I can safely climb another 6 feet to wait out the waters... or something.
I have been gone, but I haven't stopped cooking. You'll see what else we've been up to shortly...

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