Thursday, October 8, 2009

Potato Salad Pizza

JG and I finally made this sweet potato & black bean salad and I will now be bringing it to any and all barbeques I attend. It's absolutely my type of potato salad, and we're now considering variations like yellow bell/white bean/mint.

The leftovers also make great pizza topping, just add sliced moz and minced garlic.


  1. When I heard a recipe for" potato salad pizza" my first reaction was YUCK! In my mind was a yellow mustard potato salad on bread. The pictures are wonderful and tantalizing! How pretty...good enough to eat!

  2. A bunch of the newer pizza places up here have a sweet potato or butternut squash option... It's not my favorite and I think a little of that sweetness goes a long way and the beans and peppers really helped balance it out. I wouldn't make the salad just to put it on a pizza, but it was a great way to eat some leftovers.

  3. Picco's got a pumpkin right now that's absolutely amazing. You guys will have to make your way over here again some time soon.