Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another First

I just made the most amazing discovery: We had a brief warm spell where the rain melted away the snow and THE GRASS IS GREEN UNDERNEATH!
Are you surprised that I'm surprised? Well, let me tell you something that Texans discuss freely amongst themselves but are a little shy to share with Yankees: We don't have grass. Turf grass like bluegrass or fescue, with the deep green color and the skinny-skinny blades, does not grow in Texas. We selectively grow semi-native coastal grass plants that people not from the area have called "weeds" that spread via runners over the top of the soil. If you can get your St. Augustine or Bermuda grass to grow densely enough, you get a lawn... but that lawn will go mostly brown and dormant during the winter. [I've overseeded my lawn with ryegrass in the winter, but it's a somewhat controversial practice.]

I just assumed all the grass up here went dormant once it froze and was covered with snow, but the snow's gone [for now] and those skinny little blades are just as happy as can be. It's amazing.... to me, anyway.

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